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So it begins... HIYA!

Firstly, thank you for even attempting to read my blog. Hopefully you'll get to the end of this without falling asleep.

I want this blog to be a little Steph diary for all to read. You'll get to know my thoughts and plans through out my photography journey. I should probably introduce myself so you know who you are reading about.

I was born 31st October 1988, my parents decided to name me Stephanie Leanne Butt (first name lovely, middle name ok, surname... speaks for itself). So I am a 27 year old photographer; crazy cat lady; cocktail loving 80's child... or you can just call me Steph. I am all of 5ft, don't worry, I'm not afraid to climb things to become normal height when photographing. As you can probably gather from this paragraph, I can chat nonsense, I like to think it adds to my bizarre quirkiness, in a good way!

I gained a degree in photography at staffs university, have accumulated 7 years experience and 3 of those years I've been photographing lovely families; grumpy teens; incontinent animals and adorable screaming babies... did I mention I love it! I have worked hard to get to where I am now, I am braving the world of freelance, scary stuff but I like to think i'll cope.

I'm going to keep this short and sweet, just like me... I did actually chuckle at that cheese I just typed, be warned, there will be plenty more of that!

You reached the end, huzzah! now treat yourself to a celebratory cuppa and a biscuit! Wait, first look at some of the loveliness in my life, it's only a little sample, I have too many photos on my phone to share on here.

Have a fab evening,

Steph x

Some Loveliness below!!!!

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