• Stephanie Butt

Who's winning... I AM!

Good morning world,

Well if you've seen more of a gloating title than this one please let me know! (I'm not really gloating I'm just extremely happy, hence why I had to use CAPSLOCK).

As you have gathered this post is about winning a competition. I won a beautiful little camera, that I'm nervous to use!

A couple of weeks ago I decided to go to The Photography Show at Birmingham NEC. I met up with my very dear friend Ana (previously tagged in a photo in my first blog) a very talented photographer from Nottingham. This was the second year running we decided to mix amongst fellow photographers, get excited about new kits, new ideas and learning. I'd like to say this is what happened, well it kind of did, we managed to source some companies for promotional material but that was about it. The talks are always rammed so you just feel you're in the way; the kit's are still very pricey and there's so many people there it's difficult to mingle, especially when your 5ft nothing!

The problem with the show is how many people they cram in. You don't get a chance to really chat to colleagues in the industry because there's a crowd of people huffing and puffing behind you. I do understand companies want to sell as much of their stock as possible, but for me, I'd prefer a more laid back approach.

It wasn't all negative though, I mean, I did win a camera!!!

Fuji film were running a competition to win an Instax Mini 70. All you had to do was strike a pose twice, one shot with the Instax mini 70 and one on your phone, then post it to Instagram with all the relevant hashtags (and maybe more) and they choose the winner. Simple. I did this, I waited, I forgot about it as I thought well I never win and sooooooo many people entered, I then checked my Instagram.... I only won!

I made them smile the most, my silly face won the camera. I actually pulled a crazy (normal for Steph) face in the photograph, whilst Ana just looked at me thinking 'yep, she's doing it again' and it won me a camera.

It's super cute! They gave me 2 free packets of film that i'm afraid to use up as it's quite pricey. Also i'm waiting for the right time, I want to use my camera on my travels or when i'm doing some special events, like weddings.. Wink Wink.

I can't wait to take my new little friend out into the big world, take some beautiful polaroids of beautiful things! Ok i'm no longer nervous... Im excited!

Wow... i'm getting the hang of this blogging, hopefully you think so too.

Before I forget, If you're in the Nottingham area, looking for a photographer for portraits, editorial photography, Product... any photography please check out my dear friend Ana's website, she's super talented and you'll want her to be your best friend, she's awesome!

Thanks for reading you lovely people.

Steph x

Oh... here's some photos of... ME WINNING and my new beauty.


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