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Wedding Fair Fun!

So yesterday was my first wedding fair... ever! And it was great!

That morning I was excited and nervous at the same time, all my planning had built up to this day, I was just hoping everything would look the way I designed, I can be a bit of a perfectionist at times.

I brought Andrew (my partner) along with me, for moral support... and to help with setting up the stall, he's an engineer, he's good at assembling things. When we filled the car, I didn't have as much stuff as I thought I did, this made me more nervous! But I calmed down, hoped my work would talk for itself (with some help from myself of course) and a more minimalist stall would show my natural style.

When we arrived at The Village Hotel, I was amazed at how big it was, never being there before it looked fantastic! It was a beautiful morning too, the sun was shining, made the place look even better. Not far from the venue are some ruins, instantly wanted to trek up there to have a nosey, I could see how lovely that would be for some wedding shots.

When we found the room we were in, we started setting up my stall and had a minor issue. I designed a frame to create a zig zag bunting at the back of my stand to pin some of my images on. The frame didn't work, Unfortunately I could clamp the wood to the table, so I had to think quickly. I pinned the bunting to my fabric that was draped on the table, then pegged my images along it, I was happy with the finish, just worried I had no height like other stalls. I think I was worrying for nothing.

The day went fantastically! People were coming up to my stall... I think the yellow in my bunting drew people to me and maybe my funky moth shirt!

I had some very lovely compliments about my work. It was overwhelming. I have always thought my approach to weddings is natural, capturing all the special moments whilst creating some beautiful composed shots of the bride and groom and i'm so happy this translates to future clients.

Overall I am so happy about doing the wedding fair with Sparkling Day Events. There was a great turn out for the fair and I must have done something right as I've managed to get some bookings for next year. I look forward to my next wedding fair, 10th July at the Wyatt Pavillion at The School House in Weeford. I'll make sure my frame will be up next time folk.

Thanks for reading my essay of a blog, just had so much to write about and have been so pleased with the outcome of my first fair. Can't wait to do more and meet other lovely future Mr & Mrs'

I'll be blogging again about my products that were on my stall, so look out for it.

Have a lovely day folks,

Steph x

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