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Butt's Beautiful Book!

Good morning world!

I do love a bit of alliteration, especially when it involves my fantastic surname, let's face it, it's not one to forget!

This blog is about my beautiful photo book. Can you tell I adore it???

A few weeks ago I went to the Photography Show at the Birmingham NEC, with my dear friend Ana. We were both on the hunt for products for our businesses, I especially needed to source a beautiful photo book to offer in my packages. We were there for ours, trying to find stalls offering products we were looking for, luckily there were a few to choose from for my books. I wanted something simple yet striking; of the highest quality and at a reasonable cost as I want to create the best price possible for my clients. Then I found it... the one!

I designed my sample book for my stall. I wanted my book to show my work to potential clients as well as show case the beauty of the book! I decided to keep the book simple and clean, using colours of my branding... grey! When my book arrived in the post, I couldn't contain my excitement. I got excited about the protective packaging, it was impressive, just look below! I did have a little proud tear come to my eye as I opened it. I was so happy with my images and the quality of this book, I just knew that clients who choose this will be over the moon and so proud to get the family over to look through their beautiful wedding photos.

The book will come in a choice of colours (I have included the sample colours available to me) for the cotton bound cover. Also you can choose from laser etching or embossed title for the book. At 10x14" there's plenty of space to create some beautiful layouts in the book. I can't wait to design some beautiful books for my clients!

Below are some images of my book, I had to recreate the process of opening it as I got too excited. I even got Andrew to show off his photography skills and show you all how excited I really was, see, I wasn't joking!

Well hope you have a fantastic day and thanks for reading my blog. There might be another blog today, i'm on a roll with this and just can't stop!

Steph x

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