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Oh Amsterdam how I love thee!

Good Morning World!

I've finally got round to finishing our holiday snaps, been a very busy Steph so these had to take a back seat in the editing queue, but now they're done i'm all excited to get them printed and share with the world!

So, Amsterdam, wow! A city I truly love! Our trip was amazing... seriously, AMAZING!

Andrew and I were in much need of a break, so we booked a long weekend away to Amsterdam.

We booked some cheap flights and a lovely apartment on AirBNB, we were so ready for it!

When we left central train station the weather was awful, rain mixed with snow, just our luck!

We were troopers though, the snow wasn't going to stop us having a fabulous weekend!

The weather wasn't bad all weekend, it was cold, but we had sunny spells, meaning I could get my camera out, Hurrah!

The city is beautiful! If you are fit and love walking, don't bother getting trams, walk, you see so much more of the city! I must say, I fell in love! The buildings, the atmosphere, the culture... all of this was just screaming 'Come live here' to us, if only!

There's so much to see there. So much art everywhere. We purposely walked longer routes to destinations so we could see more of the city. It's a city you should get lost in, it's guaranteed you'll find little gems along your journey.

I want to share some of our favourite little finds.

Ivy & Bros - Beautiful fresh food in a beautiful setting. Great for some flavoursome healthy lunch.

Thai Phutakun - Small little Thai restaurant we stumbled across. Some of the best Thai food i've tasted. Definitely worth a visit!

Ramen-Ya Amsterdam - So much food! Delicious and fresh Ramen.

Door74 - Wow. Amazing cocktails. Not the cheapest place for drinks but you pay for quality. Specialist bartenders that will create a tailored cocktail for you. One of the best experiences of Amsterdam.

Just a few of the gems we found in Amsterdam.

So now it's time for some of our holiday snaps! Hope you like them :)

Steph x

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