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A day filled with Afternoon tea; Butterflies and my 50mm

Good evening world!

This blog has been a long time coming, well 3 weeks actually, time really has flown by for me!

I thought i'd write this blog to let you know that I am alive; I am still working hard to get to where I want to be in my profession and I'm still doing my photography! Even on my days off, I love to get my camera out and have some fun.

A few weeks ago, my friend Sam and I decided a last minute day out to Stratford. The weather was beautiful (this never usually happens when I plan a day out) so the drive to Stratford was lovely with our summer tunes blaring.

Stratford is a beautiful place, especially because it has a butterfly farm! Anyone who knows me, knows I love butterflies & moths, I even have one tattooed (It's a Madagascan Sunset Moth, imagine a mash up of the 80's and a moth and boom!). Even got to see some parrots and quail hiding away in the surroundings.

I took my Canon 5D and my beautiful 50mm lens. This is possibly my favourite lens, especially as its f1.4 can create some amazing abstract backgrounds. You have to get your focus spot on with this lens, a mm off and you've ruined your shot, scary times! This can be especially tricky with butterflies, you can't tell an insect to pause a second or not fly so quickly for you to take a photo. So shutter speed is another key element to assess.

After a sweaty visit to the butterfly farm, we needed some fuel, for us there's no better fuel than tea and cake! Healthy as ever! We popped into The Fourteas cafe for our fuel and boy did we leave full! You get so much for your money there. A lovely 40's themed cafe, so cute and friendly. The atmosphere really does put a smile on your face. I finally got to have my first afternoon tea... YAY! It was wonderful! definitely recommend it if you're in the area!

Our Stratford day out was pure bliss. Filled with butterflies, ice creams, afternoon tea and sunshine... as you've probably guessed, was not on a diet that day! So I hope you like my photos, documenting this truly awesome day! Thanks Sam :)

Have a great evening people, thanks for reading :)

Steph x

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