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Andy & Cally

Good evening world!

Let me tell you about how I have the pleasure of photographing Andy & Cally's Wedding this weekend.

I was asked by my high school tutor if I would photograph her daughter's wedding. After 12 years since she last had the pleasure/ horror of guiding this face through high school, it was an absolute pleasure to be thought of to do this, so of course I said yes.

Andy & Cally are a lovely couple, honestly, lovely. I know lovely is probably the most common description of a couple but these guys were so down to earth and really a joy to share a coffee with, lovely is the appropriate way to describe these pair.

By the time of their engagement shoot, Andy & Cally were ready to let their hair down and have some much needed fun. We did the engagement shoot at their wedding venue, Dovecliff Hall. This location was stunning. A long country path leads you through fields where the beautiful building is set amongst so much greenery. The sun was shining and I was excited. As a photographer, I love that feeling when you pull up to the venue and see how the online photos don't pay justice for just how beautiful it is.

The staff allowed us to wonder around, looking at all the room Andy & Cally will be using for their special day. there was so much light, all photographers will know how lucky I am for this! When we got outside we explored the grounds, taking photographs on along the way, deciding on the parts that will be great for photos on the day.

Andy & Cally were great. They were relaxed and went along with the crazy shots I asked them to do. One thing I remember is Cally saying how they have been through a bit of a stressful time recently and that the shoot helped get them excited about their wedding day, this truly brought a smile to my face and I hope their engagement images did they same for them.

I can't wait to capture their Wedding on Sunday. I hope they have an exciting week leading up to it, remember to not let anything stress you out and ruin this moment!

Here's just a few images from their shoot. Remember if you're looking for a friendly wedding photographer, or know someone who is, check out my site and feel free to ask me anything!

Have a great evening.

Steph x

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