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The Robey Wedding 2016

Good morning world!

This is a little delayed, due to being a very busy Butt indeed! But it's here and will hopefully be a lovely little insight into the wedding of Andy and Carolanne.

Sunday 23rd October was the day of Andy & Carolanne's wedding. I woke up to the sun shining, as a photographer this was a delight, especially with it being the end of October and I'm sure Andy and Carolanne were thankful of this too.

The wedding was at Dovecliff Hotel, in a beautiful countryside location, perfect for a sunny day wedding. Carolanne is such a creative bride, she designed, made and arranged so many elements of her wedding. Her table design was all around disney, each table having different film trinkets. I love seeing the bride and grooms personality being incorporated in their wedding, whether it be small little trinkets or the entire theme of the day, it really does add to your photographs.

Andy and Carolanne are the most laid back couple you will ever meet, even stressed they will have a smile on their face and have fun! This could be said about both their family and friends too. I love it when people aren't afraid to talk to the photographer, Im not one of those photographers who stands far away with a humungous zoom lens, I am in amongst the fun, capturing all those special moments. Being 5ft helps with this, sometimes you won't even notice me as I'm not in many people's eye line.

The day was beautiful. Carolanne was such a relaxed, glowing bride and Andy scrubbed up well!

It was such a pleasure being involved in their day, I even got a super cool present (A fun mug that has now become my 'I need caffeine whilst editing' mug).

I wish this amazing couple a beautiful, Disney style, Happy ever after!

Have a great day everyone!

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