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Hey world, meet Nicole!

Good evening world!

As always, I start my blogs with an apology for not keeping up to date with this, I have been super busy starting a new chapter in my life, which is so exciting!

This new chapter is focusing on my business alone. I have been juggling working at another studio along with building my own business. This was working fine at the start, but as my business is growing I need to be devoting 100% of my time and effort, which is why I am being brave and going it alone... eek!

I am always looking at ways to better my business, offering the best packages I can to my clients. Here's where a fellow little (not as little as me) creative walks into the room, Everyone say hello to Nicole!

I have been thinking about what clients have asked for in the past and how I can achieve this. One thing I have been asked about is having a second shooter. This is something I have been thinking about for a few months, but as I am a new business I didn't really know if it was the right time to seek another photographer to work with.

I have been working with Nicole for 2 years at the 'other' studio and I have seen her grow into a fantastic photographer. Nicole recently gained her degree in photography from Birmingham University and hasn't stopped progressing her skills. It's hard not to get on with Nicole, she's such a friendly photographer with so much to offer, it made sense to collaborate with her. You'll see how well we work together, both chatty, bubbly little photographers with a huge passion for what we do!

Nicole is the second photographer for Stephanie Butt Photography. She will be there to capture all those moments you really don't want to miss with one photographer. I always aim to capture as much as humanly possible, but having two of us really means you'll get everything! Nicole will be those extra hands i've always wanted!

I will be adding a second shooter option to my price guides and it can be added to both packages I provide.

Thank you for reading this little update. I'm super excited for what 2017 has in store for Stephanie Butt Photography!

Good night world!

Steph x

Had to rope Andrew (the lesser half) to take a photo of us, he's not too bad is he?!?

Look at this happy face!!!


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