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Elaine & Jim's 80th Birthday

Hey World!

Now that the weather has returned back to the old British cloudy skies and cooler temperature, my brain can process work properly and I can BLOG!!! yay! Not that I didn't enjoy the beautiful weather, it was like being abroad... without the beaches. On days like those, living in Birmingham makes me so envious of people who live minutes away from the sea. I did manage to breath in some country air whilst doing a little work.

Over the glorious weekend I photographed a very special family celebration for Elaine & Jim. A joint 80th birthday party was thrown at the couple's beautiful home. The weather was perfect for an afternoon buffet! Vicky asked me to capture some natural moments of the day along with some family photographs as it was very rare for the whole family to be together.

The family were a delight to photograph. You could see how much admiration everyone had for Elaine & Jim, telling their stories and looking at old photos, was beautiful to see. Vicky and the family were over the moon with the photos from the party! As always, this fills me with pride and knowing I've helped captured some beautiful memories for the family to cherish, this reminds me of why I love doing what I do.

So, enough of me typing away, here's a little peek into Elaine & Jim's celebration.


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