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Dan & Sophia's Alternative Rustic Wedding at Gorcott Hall

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It's Wedding Wednesday! I am currently sat in the hairdressers (the first time in 8 months) with foils in my hair and my glasses balanced at the end of my nose (looking like a 70's soap character), reminiscing on the beautiful wedding of Dan & Sophia... I shall share this with you now.

I met Dan & Sophia at a wedding fair I exhibited at in the School House, Weeford. We got on straight away, I think Sophia and I were drawn to one another's brightly coloured hair! Later I had an email from Sophia saying she loved my natural style of photography, especially that she didn't see a dated vignette anywhere (to all the photographers out there, yes my client knew a vignette [high fives all around]). We later discovered we are both crazy cat ladies and this of course sealed me as their photographer and a new friendship! After a few coffee meetings, I was so excited to photograph their wedding, like it was one of my own friends getting married!

When the wedding day arrived, the sun was shining (I always bring my best pal, Sunny) and this was a good sign for things to come! Oh my, did the venue look stunning! Dan & Sophia chose Gorcott Hall as their wedding venue. A hidden little gem amongst a wooded area of Redditch, it's an old, victorian style country house combined with a rustic barn... yeah, thats right, imagine this beaut of a place! When Sophia and her bridal party arrived, straight to work they went, finishing all the table decorations for the reception. This was a dream bridal crew!

Then it was time to get ready, chilled albeit slightly warm that day! Even whilst trying to cool down by standing in front of the open fridge, the ladies did a great job helping Sophia. I witnessed one of the most beautiful moments I've photographed, when Sophia was given a family bracelet, I think everyone welled up at this!

Dan was very relaxed and smiley as ever in the ceremony room, waiting for his bride to be. He arranged a little surprise for Sophia, as she arrived in the room she would be walking down the aisle to The Adams Family theme tune. Leaving this job to technophobe Dad was a little risky, but it all paid off. The ceremony was short and sweet, even including an interesting reading from a friend that had everyone laughing!

The group shots were so much fun to do, we all had great banter which is something I love at a wedding as everyone feel relaxed around me, also I get to show how darn funny I am! The things us photographers do to get THE photo... I had to climb on top of the venue's office desk and hang out this tiny old window, it was ok though, I'm insured! You'll soon find out this isn't the only time I've had to dangle out a window!

The couple shots, oh my... I was so excited to do these! Dan and Sophia were relaxed and were happy to go with the flow. Even when I asked for a little attitude, this came far too easy to them! But against the old brick wall covered in vibrant moss and supporting a huge old wooden entrance gate, it had to be done! With the couples matching vegan Dr. Martins and Sophia's vibrant purple hair, I knew we had to be a little different for these photos, and they turned out amazing! We created a mix of dreamy blurred background images and sharp, edgy shots against weird and wonderful things we found. It was like being in a photographers dream... wait, it was real!

The reception didn't disappointeither! The speeches were hilarious, of course Dan had to endure some embarrassing moments, when some comical photos were being passed around the room for everyone to have a giggle at whilst Dan was sat wearing a shark hat, I really can't make this stuff up! Is it really a best man's speech without a bit of humility? Later the whiskey was flowing; people were dancing to the old jukebox in the corner and the room was filled with laughter and many smiles! This wedding truly was a special one for me as Dan & Sophie are such a wonderful couple and I wish them all the happiness the world can throw at them (seriously world, a slingshot that stuff their way)

So enough of me jabbering on, here's some images to show how beautiful their wedding day was!!!

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