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Steph's wedding bucket list!

Hey world! On this snowy day I'm wrapped in so many layers I've lost count and have drank my body weight in tea! Thought I'd post a blog a little different today. I have been sharing with you all the beautiful weddings I have photographed, but now I think it's time to share with you my dream weddings.

Every photographer has their own 'Bucket List'. A list of weddings that would be a dream to photograph. Some photographers have crazy, out there weddings, mine is pretty tame. My list is probably a break down of all the elements I'd want for my own wedding (I have way too many styles I'd want to fit into one wedding, I'd have to have a week long wedding.... hey there's an idea!)

So here's my dreamy Bucket List... Are you getting excited to see it... Are you???

An alternative Rock'n'Roll wedding - Think Grease meets Rocky Horror (wow imagine that film!) vibrant colours; alternative bride & groom colour hair would make me dance inside; personal unique details; quirky venue and I'd love to see a bit of DIY in this style!!!

An Industrial Wedding - Style, Style and more Style!! Industrial setting... oh the concrete, metal roofs and exposed brick (insert hearts in eyes emoji); graffiti; fairy lights; personal unique details and a couple who are all about some edgy couple photos!

A wedding in the city - Think a slightly dated Sex and the City or Madmen wedding; Big buildings, old and new; I'd love this to be an intimate small wedding; the reception in some cool pub or restaurant and the couple be up for some cool couple shots in the busy streets.

An animals welcome Bohemian wedding - Animals everywhere! haha I'll settle for pets included; outdoor wedding in the woods, a field or on the beach; bohemian styling think the modern day Stevie Nicks; festival vibe with lives bands and amazing street food!!!

So there they are, amazing aren't they?!?

I love every wedding I photograph, every wedding is beautiful, every wedding is different. These weddings are what I feel my skill and style will really compliment!

I really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really want to tick off my list!! And so I will offer these wedding at a crazy 'you can't miss out on the price of Steph's photography' offer.

If your wedding is on here, or you know someone whose wedding is on here, tell them to get in touch! CLICK HERE to get in touch!

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