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Don’t fear us wedding photographers!

Hey world. Today I’m going to help you embrace the search for your wedding photographer. These tips are from my experience of being the scary wedding photographer! 

I’m not really scary... 

Ok, just a little.

Finding your wedding photographer can be a scary thought. This is one of the most important investments of your wedding! Let’s face it, you’re trusting this person to capture your day so you have memories for years to come, gulp! So here’s a few pieces of advise.

Cheapest isn’t always the best way to go!

With many purchases, the cheapest option isn’t always the best to go with. I’m not saying you have to spend thousands and thousands on your wedding photographer. I’m advising you don’t focus on your budget and focus on the photographer you trust to do a good job. I’ve heard horror stories of people choosing a friend of a friend or someone they found for cheap on Facebook and it genuinely turns my stomach when it’s all gone wrong. My aim as a photographer is to capture beautiful, timeless photographs of your wedding so you can look back in years to come and feel like it was just yesterday. To do this I spend hours preparing before the day; we have meetings so I know you as a couple and will provide the perfect photography to suit you both; Your get a pre wedding shoot to see how much fun be photographed can be; I’m there all day on your wedding capturing moments you missed but will love to see; I spend weeks editing your images so they will last; I create an online gallery for you and your guests to see how beautiful your day was and then I put together a unique keepsake box for you. If I charged £100 for all this, would you trust my skills or the effort I put into it? my packages are affordable and I get told I’m great value, but I’m always willing to help out my clients if they need a more tailored package. 

Talk to us at the wedding fairs.

Wedding fairs can be over whelming, especially if you’re not prepared, so be prepared. Wedding fairs are great to meet all the wedding suppliers you need, so go with a list of what you’re looking for. Talk to the suppliers who fall under the category you’re looking for. Yes there can be many photographers at a fair, see this as a positive, you can see all the different styles of photography in one afternoon. Along with loving their work, another reason you choose your photographer is their personality and being able to get on with them. So don’t be shy or reserved about talking to us, come at us with all the questions you want answering and then if you’re happy with that, let’s have a proper chat about you and your wedding over a coffee.

Don’t be afraid to meet up with us.

This is probably my biggest tip. So you’ve found me online or at a wedding fair, you love my work, you’re interested in the packages I offer but the thought of meeting me is a no no. Folks, honestly, I’m a right laugh and love to chat, what’s scary about this? How much better is it to meet up with your friends and actually chat face to face? Meeting up and having a relaxed chat and coffee is quicker than emailing; you get to meet the person behind the screen/ camera and see if you get on. How horrible is it when you have to spend a day with someone you don’t get on with?!? Now Imagine if that person is photographing one of the most important days of your life??? When we say meet us, we won’t kidnap you, we won’t make you sell your soul to us... it’s to have a no obligation chat to see if we’re right for each other. You will know when they’re the photographer for you, if it doesn’t happen then you’ve had a coffee with a nice person and hopefully it will have helped you narrow down your search.

I hope this helps you relax about the search for your wedding photographer and see that we’re not the scary people you might think we are. 

Check out my site HERE to see my work and get in touch if you think I could be the photographer for you! 

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