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Charlotte & Jerry's Cain Manor wedding

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Wednesday's Wedding Blog is for a gorgeous couple, Charlotte and Jerry.

I was recommended to Charlotte and Jerry through a dear friend. When I get recommended it always brings a proud little smile on my face. Someone personally thinks I'm the one to capture such special moments of this couples life!

Charlotte and Jerry are from the London area, so meeting for a quick coffee was a tricky thing to do, but we spoke over the phone, email and facebook and Charlotte and I got on great and we both knew I could capture their day perfectly for them.

When we finally met up for their pre wedding shoot, we got on straight away. Jerry wasn't a fan of having his photo taken, but that soon changed after this shoot! It was a fun walk around Marlow, we didn't stop laughing!

Then the wedding day was here! It went by so quickly! I made sure I was already staying in Farnham the night before the wedding as I always make sure I nearby if I'm needed. I stayed at the Devil's Punch Bowl hotel. It was great value for money, great location and the staff were friendly.

Charlotte and her bridal squad were staying in a beautiful B&B hidden out in the countryside and was run by a lovely couple and their pooch! When I turned up I was impressed with how organised the ladies were. Everyone was relaxed; knew what they were doing and most importantly, had fun! Charlotte had some great friends who helped make everyone look so beautiful! Check out Helle Mua on instagram to see her amazing make up work!

We all headed over to Cain Manor later in the morning for everyone to finish getting ready. On the way I had to battle a swan to get out the road, that was a scary first, Swans are obnoxious! The venue was stunning! The best driveway... well, a winding road through a wooded area that opened up to the venue... wow! The inside didn't disappoint either, it had such a welcoming and warm atmosphere.

The ladies set up camp in the bridal suite. Charlotte was so relaxed and happy, smiles were surrounding her through out the morning. One of the flower girls wanted to create a water fountain affect in one of my photographs... she climbed into the bath behind the bridesmaids and turned on the shower head. This moment was truly hilarious as no one wanted to ruin their hair!

This is the first wedding where I've had the pleasure of grabbing a few shots of the groom getting ready. I only had a few minutes with Jerry and the lads, but it was great to have an insight into the other side of getting ready.

Charlotte looked absolutely stunning! Her dress was one to envy! The lace detail and shape was gorgeous on Charlotte, she really really did rock that dress from Ann Louise Bridal. There wasn't a dry eye when Charlotte's dad got to see his daughter. You can see how proud he was of her in every photograph they're in together!

It was time for Charlotte and Jerry to get married. jerry looked very dapper in his navy suit paired with a Burgundy dickie bow and very smart brown shoes, a very timeless look! The ladies entered all looking gorgeous and doing Charlotte proud. The ceremony was beautiful, filled with laughter, tears and so much love for the couple. Charlotte and Jerry's daughter Hallie had everyone laughing as she decided to object against mom and dad getting married at just the right moment! Charlotte's sister Chloe shared a beautiful reading that brought a few tears to the room. Then the roof was raised when the groom kissed his bride, I have never heard such a long cheer! It was like being at a gig waiting for an encore!

February wasn't t the warmest of months we've had, but everyone did a great job keeping happy and not letting the cold ruin the opportunities for great photos outside. After the spectacular confetti exit, we were quick with the family shots. I always like to keep these photos short and sweet, so everyone can get back to enjoying the day. Charlotte and Jerry stayed outside with me for some couple shots. Luckily the grounds of the venue had some cute little backdrops, so I didn't have to walk them too far. The love these pair have for each other was pouring out of every shot I took! I loved how much they trusted me and let me capture some more creative photos. Charlottes veil was so beautiful, I just had to use it in some of the photos!

The speeches... oh the speeches. Luckily with the advances in technology, I could have a little giggle behind the camera and still get sharp photos! Charlotte's dad opened with a belter of a speech. He was fearless as he happily poked fun at a few people in the room. I hope to see him giving talks on how to do the greatest father of the bride speech! I wondered how can you top this speech, but Jerry's best man also did a cracking job! Everyone was crying with laughter, this made for amazing speech photos.

The evening quickly approached and the smiles continued. The vibe was so relaxed, like it was a massive group of friends meeting up and enjoying a night out... obviously dressed a bit smarter and celebrating a beautiful couple! Charlotte and Jerry were so relaxed, instead of being dragged around, they just mingled with friends and family and enjoyed having all the people they loved with them. When it got to dancing the night away, you could see the love of raving! But the dancers who stole the show were the little flower girls. Charlotte and Jerry's daughter Hallie and her cousin Ivy were showing everyone how its done and boy did they put everyone to shame! Such cute photos!

When it came to the end of the night I left feeling so proud! To have been part of such a beautiful wedding and to have captured such special moments! When I heard how much they loved their gallery, I did my little 80's punching the air with happiness. I'm actually sad it's coming to an end, but I'll always remember this wonderful couples wedding day! So enough of me waffling on, here's Charlotte & Jerry's wedding story!

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