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The Hartwell wedding

Hello world!

This blog is a little late, as always! But hey, it's here so lets celebrate by reading on!

Today's blog is a lovely wedding blog. Theresa and Dec's wedding day back in April.

Theresa found me through photographing a wedding of a friend of hers and as soon as we started talking it was like we'd known each other for years. Theresa is so relaxed and friendly, just like me! This is something I always say, but it's true. From the beginning of a couples journey with me I like to keep things casual, like you're talking to a friend... who just so happens to be handy with a camera!

Through out Theresa and Dec's wedding planning I have helped as much as possible and have loved it. I helped create some sparkler tags and their order of service. This was fun as I love to be creative and getting to use some of my Graphic Design skills from college was a pleasant stroll down memory lane. When you book me as your photographer, you're not just getting a photographer, you're booking a helpful creative who will help you out as much as possible!

Theresa and Dec had some stressful times during they wedding planning, but you would never guess this from their wedding day. Every second of the day was filled with excitement and love. Their families really did help make their day perfect for them and you could see how much Theresa and Dec appreciated it in their thanks to everyone.

Theresa got ready at Dec's grans house. When I arrived everyone was chilled and thankful the weather forecast was wrong and we only saw a few minutes of rain! Theresa looked beautiful and I loved that she rocked her wedding Converse! Dec and his dad looked so dapper in their matching tweed suits and flat caps, they looked like they could walk on to Peaky Blinders and blend in!

The wedding was held in a lovely little church in Tamworth. Theresa & Dec's daughters Bailey and Zia stole the show as Bailey pulled her little sister Zia who was sat in the coolest mini VW camper van! Such a great idea and helpful was of including the little people in your life.

The reception was held in a local hall. Theresa's vision for her wedding was a rustic vintage theme and she did this so well! The room looked so cute and you could see how much care went into the planning!

Having your uncle as your DJ was definitely a great move! He knew all the music to play to get the family on the dance floor and boy do the Hartwell's love to bust out the moves on the dance floor!

This wedding was full of fun, laughter and love from the start! Everyone was so friendly and up for having the most fun celebrating Theresa and Dec's special day!

So enough of me telling you about it, here's some of the beautiful moments of the Hartwell's wedding!

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