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The Duggan's Wedding Day

Hey world!

For once I feel I don't need to start my blog with an apology for being quiet, I've managed to arrange my time to allow for blogging. I forgot how important it Is to do this. It's a great way for my couples and everyone to see how I photograph weddings. You also see how passionate I am and how much I fall in love with every wedding I photograph, and this one is no exception!

Today blog is all about Debbie & Rob's wedding in Blackwood, South Wales. Debbie & Rob booked me through the power of facebook. We had spoken over the phone and email and got on really well. Debbie was so laid back and organised, a common factor with all my brides and I think this is because I'm like that too!

I was so looking forward to finally meet Debbie and rob, especially excited this was on their wedding day! On the morning of the wedding we woke up to torrential rain. Being half welsh this was no surprise to me, so of course I was prepared with umbrellas, clear plastic sheets (so the bride doesn't get here wedding dress dirty) but I was hoping the sun would make an appearance to make the day extra special. As I set off, my maps decided to take me up the valleys, on a single dirt track, with the rain creating a mini landslide. I was on the verge of crying, but then I saw cars, roads and life, hurray! By the time I got to Bryn Meadows Golf Course the sun decided to show it's face, finally!

When I got to Debbie's room it was filled with so much fun and laughter. She had her family and friends helping with hair and her little flower girls were so adorable! The youngest was captivated by the camera, I think there's a model in the making there! Debbie bouquet was stunning, the first time I've seen peonies used and I understand why they're some of the most requested flowers! they were stunning, just like Debbie, she looked truly radiant and had that happy bride glow!

Rob was also getting ready in the hotel, this meant I managed to have 10 minutes to photograph the groom getting ready! rob and his groom squad looked very dapper! Instead of having a wedding ring, Rob had a wedding watch! I thought this idea was great, not everyone wears rings so thinking outside the box (see what I did there) is definitely a thumbs up from me!

The wedding took place at a gorgeous little church not far from Bryn Meadows called Ystrad Munach Church. This was the first wedding I photographed where I wasn't allowed to photograph the ceremony but was lucky to watch Debbie & Rob get married and it was a beautiful service followed by an amazing singer!

When we left the church the sun was on full! YAY! Debbie & Rob were so relaxed, let me guide them in some more creative shots with Debbie's amazing, long veil. I captured some beautiful, intimate moments between this gorgeous pair, I was awwwwwwing through out our whole time together!

Debbie & Rob guest's were so much fun to photograph! Everyone was chatting, having a laugh together, I was walking around seeing so many great moments I knew Debbie & Rob would love to see! The whole of this wedding was filled with laughter, love and all around happiness! It was such a pleasure photographing the Duggan's wedding day!

Congratulation's to the Duggan's!

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