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Handsworth Golf Club Summer Tea

Hey world!

Whose been soaking up all this gorgeous weather aye?!? It's been beautiful, I know some of you have been complaining it's too hot, but you're wrong! Only annoying thing is computer screen and sunny outdoors don't like each other so I've been stuck indoors! at least I'm editing photos of amazing moments that I've been so lucky to capture!

Some of you may know I dabble in a few areas of photography. Some photographers say you can't specialise in multiple areas of photography, for some this might be true, for me it isn't. I love being able to do studio photography, corporate photography and weddings, mixing it up makes me more creative in each field! and this event shows you exactly what I mean!

Handsworth golf club have approached me a couple of times now to help out with photographing certain events for them. I have had so much fun working with everyone in the club, they're all so friendly and I've had such a laugh!

This event was the Summer Tea they host every year for the members of the club. It's a chance for everyone to relax, socialise and meet the captain. Everyone looked like they were having a great time with a glass of bubbly, friendly faces to chat with and even a few little tournaments. I love even on a relaxing social event they still have to have some competition going on.

Gary, the captain, is such a great character. We got on straight away and he sure knows how to get folks laughing in a photo (I'm considering hiring him to assist at weddings with me to get the crowds going, but I remember I'm pretty good at that anyway).

Handsworth Golf Club is located in north Birmingham and is a great golf club, having a golfer dad I've seen a few clubs. Everyone is friendly and welcoming, new members will definitely feel right at home there. I love going there and seeing all the photographs of the club and it's members from years and years ago! It reminds me of when I was a kid and I'd always look through my great grandad's photos. the nostalgia of the place is amazing!

so if you're local to Handsworth and looking to join a local golf club definitely check this place out! you won't be disappointed! I'd also like to add this isn't a paid endorsement, this is me just telling you all about a great place I work with.

anyway, here's the photos from the event! If you're looking for a natural approach to your corporate photography, get in touch HERE!

see if you can spot someone wearing odd shoes! haha


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