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Hey world!

I have been soooooo looking forward to sharing this blog with you all!

Being a wedding photographer means you spend 75% off your time (editing) working on your own, well, I have my 2 fur babies to keep me company. When I get the opportunity to work with others in the wedding industry, I get excited and think 'Yes, I get to work with people!'

Jenny owns the fabulous My Little Wedding Shop. Jenny got in touch to see if I'd be interested in a styled shoot for her new collection of dresses. Jenny and I both worked with Corinna, a beautiful bride from last year. From seeing my images, Jenny got in touch with some lovely compliments about my photography! I had no hesitation in getting back to Jenny and arranging a chat to see if I could help out! Corinna's dress was beautiful, the way it moved on the day and the attention to detail... I couldn't wait to see more of Jenny's work!

I went to My Little Wedding Shop in Bridgnorth (that place is so beautiful, definitely worth a visit) and met Jenny and George for a cuppa and a chat. Straight away we got on like a house on fire. Jenny and Georgia are so friendly, positive and just a joy to speak with, even when Jenny was full of cold... or hay fever! Jenny was telling me how she envisioned the shoot and from her ideas and seeing the dresses I was getting ideas straight away! our ideas bounced off one another and we knew from that moment, we worked perfectly together!

As a photographer, doing styled shoots is a great way of reigniting my creative flare! Yes, they are staged, but this is a positive! At weddings, I avoid this like the plague! You want to capture the special moments as they happen, which means very little posing! The end result of a styled shoot is different. You want it to have that fun, natural vibe, but for editorial! This means directing. I don't like to use the term "posing" as I feel thats how you'd describe dressing a mannequin for a shop window. I mean I spoke with the model, explained the look I wanted to achieve and Ashleigh absolutely nailed it! Jenny and I wanted to showcase the gorgeous dresses in a way that when future brides see these photos, they can imagine themselves wearing them.

Jenny rounded up a fantastic team of makeup artist, hair stylist, florist, venue, model and photography. To be honest, these ladies were all so fantastic and professional, on the day it made my job was a doddle! Being a female small business owner, having the opportunity to work with other female business owners was a dream! I admired their professionalism, their creativity and their passion for what they do! The feminist in me is still beaming from that day!

On the day I wanted to make sure I was capturing everyones work. I captured some behind the scenes; some closer shots of hair and makeup; some fantastic movement of the dresses, the beautiful model and the setting of the stunning Davenport House! Seriously, if you're wanting a gorgeous Manor House with bursting with character, beautiful grounds and a backdrop to die for... go and check this place out now! Then come back to me and I'll photograph it for you!

The images speak for themselves in terms of the passion and hard work that went into this collaboration styled shoot! I was so proud when editing these photos, not only of what I achieved, but seeing such amazing work from the team! On the day, it really was a team effort and you would never have guessed it was the first time we all worked together!

You're probably thinking, 'why has this styled shoot made such an impression on you? You photograph this kind of stuff all the time at wedding?' and you're right. I do photograph all these elements at weddings, but I only really get to meet the make up artist and hair stylist and they're busy at work so I don't like interrupting their concentration. I finally got to meet the faces you never see.

Doing this shoot has opened my eyes to the work other suppliers do to make a couple's wedding special! I have more of an understanding of what they do, the effort that goes into it and just how amazing they are! I now look at my bride in her dress and notice the way it moves and I capture it creatively, that results in a beautifully natural and fun photograph for the couple to cherish!

As a wedding photographer I am always learning, whether it be new skills, new ideas, marketing, editing or how to manage wedding photography on the day. Every couple I meet are different, so I have to adapt my style and skills to them. This shoot in particular has sparked a new creative approach to how I shoot couples, I will always keep it fun, but I'm not fearful of directing my couples to get a more edgy, stylish feel to the photos. I think more about creating your wedding story through different locations, as we had to link the different locations in the Davenport collection shoot. I find new ways to use the natural light in different locations as I'm not a fan of flash, I'll only use it if it's absolutely needed! One of the most important things I'm taking away from this shoot is a determination to support my fellow small businesses!

Weddings are once in a lifetime. Some people forget just how special this day is for the couple. Having a team of wedding suppliers who are professional, knowledgable and just hands down amazing is what every couple needs! Wedding photography is one of the most important parts of your wedding, these are your memories for the rest of your life. Without having the best suppliers, these memories can be tainted. You don't ever want to look back at a photo and think my dress wasn't right; my hair looked awful; my makeup didn't last; my flowers were ruined or your venue didn't perform. I hope these things have or will never happen to you, but if you don't chose the right supplier, this can happen. For couples out there, make sure you find the best suppliers, people you trust to deliver excellence on your wedding day! This is why suppliers should always get involved in styled shoots! You're meeting other suppliers, seeing how they work and what they deliver. This is where you can build a powerful network and support one another. I will definitely be recommending the team I worked with on this shoot, they are some of the most talented suppliers the Midlands has to offer! And I am so proud to have been part of this!

Jenny and I have a very exciting offer for all you gorgeous couples! All will be revealed in my next blog!

So, congrats if you've got to the end of this essay, you deserve a well earnt cuppa!

Wait, not just yet, have a look at some of these beautiful photos of The Davenport Collection!

All suppliers involved are listed below along with a link to these beautiful dresses!

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