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Sophia & Tom's Kendal rustic festival wedding

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Hey world!

Today's wedding is a super cool DIY wedding! Hopefully you'll find loads of inspiration from this talented couple!

Sophia got in touch with me after seeing my dream wedding list blog. Sophia's wedding fitted in with the DIY and festival vibes that I've been wanting to capture for AGESSSSS! So we had a chat over email and arranged a coffee at her house.

Sophia and I got on like a house on fire! I think it was around 10:30pm when I left, we were talking about all things weddings and houses, we have such similar tastes in decor it was weird... we even had the same Ikea blanket on placed on our sofa's! Sophia and Tom were planning the wedding to take place in Kendal, Lake District. The wedding was taking place in a gorgeous little countryside church where the guests will be escorted in a vintage coach to Tom's mothers farm. At the farm a marquee will be filled with DIY bar and decor with a relaxed festival theme. As you can imagine my eyes lit up and after this chat I knew I wanted to photograph their wedding and luckily they knew I was the photographer for them!

One thing I USED to say is that I am lucky with the weather, usually all weddings I've shot have had glorious weather. This has now changed to most of the time I have really good luck with the weather! Sophia and Tom's wedding started off with a little bit of rain. Don't panic over rain folks, even if you have a marquee wedding on your mom's farm, there's no need to panic! Sophia and Tom were not fazed by the weather and I'm so glad, I know it can make you feel down but theres really no need! A good photographer will be prepared whatever the weather! And when you have a super cool marquee, you'll be glad everyone is in there having a good party!

When I arrived to Sophia she was glowing! Her friends and mom were all there, playing a special playlist of old school classics to help Sophia enjoy her morning. Everyone was so relaxed, having a great time getting ready, Sophia was as cool as a cucumber! When she got in her dress, she looked radiant! I'm not a soppy person, but when you see how happy a bride is once she's in her dress, I do get a little emotional... only a little! Sophia's dress was stunning and the journey it has taken has been crazy, I don't think I've come across a dress that has had so much changed, but it was worth it!

Tom was waiting for Sophia at the church, and boy was it a gorgeous church! Out in the middle of nowhere, amazing old brick architecture and it was filled with character! Very Sophia and Tom! Sophia and Tom's eldest son was on look out duty for mom to arrive, he looked so excited to be the first one to see her, it was so cute to capture these moments.

Sophia walked down the aisle with her mom and youngest son, I love it when children are involved here, they really do bring a bit of comedy value! He was not too impressed with everyones singing abilities and decided to have a little protest tear, Sophia and Tom quickly settled him and saw the funny side of this. The ceremony was lovely and the vicar was so cool with his chilled out biker kind of of vibe!

After the ceremony everyone rushed into the vintage coach and made their way back to Tom's mothers farm where the DIY festival marquee was waiting. Due to the little amount of rain, everyone rushed into the marquee and it looked amazing! Sophia has such an eye for decor, it was beautiful and rustic with a quirky festival vibe. Tom is a genius when it comes to building stuff, they're a pair made in stylish DIY heaven!

When the rain decided to have a little break, so I rounded up the wedding troops for photos. When Sophia and Tom booked me, Tom was not keen on the idea of having his photograph taken... whereas on the day you would never have guessed this! He was having the time of his life with his family and friends! I always like to make sure we have a bit of fun when doing these photos. I always make sure we have the photos the family would like, then a relaxed, more natural version. This was so easy with Tom's sassy little gran! I loved her and to be honest, grans always love me back!

We kept the couple photos short and sweet. These were the photos Tom wasn't so keen on, but Sophia definitely wanted. We took a little walk on the lane outside Tom's mom's house, we used the Kendal hills as a back drop along with a huge hedge that I always love to use! We took around 10 mins and I think Sophia and Tom enjoyed the fact they had a little time just them. I always try my best to quickly shuffle back to the party, giving the couple some time to take a slow walk back.

The speeches were fantastic! Sophia's mom started the show, having people in tears of joy and emotion. She was a hard act to follow. Tom rocked up with their youngest in his arms and he definitely stole the show, I think he was getting pay back from listening to everyones singing earlier that day! Tom did a great job thanking everyone and carrying on the tears. Then Tom's best man finished off with some very embarrassing stories, not only of Tom but of his dad too! It's always lovely to see the best man being a childhood friend, they always have the best/ worst/ most embarrassing stories to share!

After the food the party started! You can't start a party without a shot... or two... or three! The group polished off a bottle instantly, now they're my kind of wedding guests! Everyone got on the dance floor... well, dance grass area and rocked out to the musician! He was great at playing a variety of music to suit everyone, which is a photographers dream! I'd definitely recommend live music, the atmosphere is completely different when you have a musician and they have a way of really getting people to dance!

This wedding was amazing! You could see the care and effort that Sophia and Tom put in, not only for what they wanted, but for their friends and family! I am very lucky to still be in touch with Sophia and Tom (check out Sophia's instagram to see her gorgeous home and styling/ DIY tips) as they're a lovely couple and we really do get on!

My next blog is going to be a collaboration with the wonderful Sophia on tips on planning your DIY wedding.

Here are the suppliers who helped Sophia & Tom's wedding look as beautiful as it did!

Dress - was Pronovias from and it was customised by Helen at Sew Chic in Lichfield

Flowers -

Bridesmaids outfits - skirts from Little Mistress and tops from Coast

Hair - by Ruby Tuesday Hair & Beauty Salon

Makeup - Aimee Gregson of Beauty by Aimee

So enough of me jabbering on (wow I actually think this is my longest blog) and lets see their gorgeous wedding day!

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