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Im Steph, a little Birmingham Wedding Photographer

Tonights blog is a little different. It's not about my beautiful couples and their amazing weddings... it's about me! Don't worry it's not in a vane millennial way, it's a little insight into what you get when I'm your photographer.

Booking your wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions you will make when planning your wedding. You need to love their style; trust their skills as a photographer and probably most importantly get on with them. You probably hear a lot of photographers saying this and I'm glad that so many do. If you're wanting relaxed, natural wedding photography, you need to feel relaxed and be able to be yourself with your photographer. Your photographer needs to be able to balance being professional and skilful as well fitting in with your wedding party and making you feel they're just one of the gang! This is something I feel I do well! I don't stand in a corner with a massive telephoto lens. I'll be pottering around, talking to your guests and capturing those special moments.

Couples who book me are looking for relaxed wedding photography with an exciting twist. The twist is my little excited face! Seriously, you can tell when I've nailed a photograph as I'll be doing a little 80's ballad fist clench to myself! On the day I want to capture your wedding, not direct it! I'll help you round up the uncle Bob's and sassy grans, but then I'll slip into the background and you won't even notice I'm there snapping away!

I love to get creative! You'll see me dangling lights or glass in front of my camera and be thinking 'what the fudge is she doing?' I love pushing my skills and trying new ideas! I see beauty in things you wouldn't think work. Give me an abandoned industrial space and I will love you forever! I do tend to capture moments some folk probably wish I wasn't there for, these are my famous blackmail shots that will prove handy in years to come when you need a favour!

During your wedding planning I am always around if you need me. A lot of the time I'm not needed, I think this is a good thing as your nailing your planning! I'm there to help you with suppliers; ideas or just someone to vent to over a coffee. I will keep you up to date with what I'm doing through my blogs, these will help you get ideas and excited about your special day! It doesn't end here. I spend days, weeks even editing each photo of your wedding (yes I'm old school and I use Photoshop to edit each individual photo). Then I'll put it all on an online gallery for your to share with all your friends and family. Finally you'll receive all your images on a hand designed memory box (yep, I paint and create your memory box). I hate to think of it as an end, so I love to keep in touch with my couples.

Are you looking for relaxed wedding photography? Natural wedding photography? A friendly wedding photographer? Candid wedding photography? Or Fun wedding photography?

Then click the link below and lets have a chat over a cuppa to see if I'm the photographer for you!

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