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Tips for your engagement proposal

Hey I'm Steph, a Birmingham Wedding photographer.

Hey world! Today's blog is to help you plan your perfect proposal.

As most of you are aware next week it's Christmas!!!! Not only is it Christmas, it's a busy time of year for people to get engaged! I totally get this! It's the most anticipated time off work; you're with all your family and friends and it's one of the happiest times of the year, it's the perfect time to propose. This blog is going to help you plan the perfect proposal for you!

Remember your proposal is for you two and no one else!

Don't forget this! It's not for instagram or Facebook, it's a moment for the two of you to remember! Don't get pressured to go full on and lavish because of what you've seen on social media. If this isn't you two don't do it!

What do you love doing together?

Are you foodies? Do you love to travel? Do you love cosy nights in watching films? Do you love spending time with friends and family?

Think about what you both love to do, this will make for the perfect proposal. For example, you love staying in watching films together. Why not make it a movie night you'll never forget? If you have the ring already, why not hide it at the bottom of the popcorn? or ask your other half to pop the DVD in the player and your proposal is in the case? You can make a simple night in a special proposal too! If you're foodies, go to your favourite restaurant, ask for the perfect table, pre order your favourite drinks and have an intimate moment together! If you're wanting to be really creative, why not design a special menu with your proposal on and ask the staff to bring these over to your table! Don't be afraid of getting creative with what your love doing together!


You've assessed what you love to do together and chosen the one, now you need to choose the location.

When choosing your location, think about your partner. Do they like hustle and bustle of the city? Or a quiet walk in the countryside. If your partner isn't one for busy, load locations then don't book a busy restaurant or drop down on one knee in front of hundreds of people. if your partner loves sharing moments with family and friends, have them their as a surprise! The location needs to fit with what you love doing together but will also mean something to the both of you. Maybe your favourite restaurant? The place you first met? Your first holiday together?

The ring.

If your choosing to have an engagement ring, this will help. You might already have the ring and only needed help choosing the above elements of your proposal. If you don't have the ring and want to find one, here's where I can help.

There's so many to choose from, I bet it's hard finding "The one". So why not look at your partners jewellery collection, get a feel for what they like and have something designed by a local jeweller. Telling your partner you helped design the ring will mean so much more to them. Don't follow the old traditions on how much you spend on a ring! Work with your budget but remember this is a ring that will be worn every day for the rest of your partners life, it needs to be of great quality. personally, I love the idea of choosing or designing a ring together. Your engagement ring is a big investment and represent the both of you, so designing something together will be an experience you'll both love!

When should you propose?

This is the tricky one, when to plan the moment you're going to propose. I can only help guide you here, sorry folks. Choosing a date that means something to you is always a lovely idea, so the anniversary of your first date? When you first said the words, I love you? if these occasions mean something to you both, then I would definitely consider this. Don't be afraid to postpone it!!! Sometimes it's just not the right timing, this is not your fault. I would always recommend postponing a proposal if there's been a bereavement or the day falls on an upsetting anniversary. If you think your partner has had an awful day that will taint your proposal, then rearranging might be a good thing to do.


I bet you're thinking, huh??? Yes, you can incorporate a photographer into your proposal. if you think this is a moment you'd both love to cherish and be able to look back on, why not hire a photographer? This is something I have always wanted to capture on location (I previously worked in a studio and a couple got engaged in their shoot). This doesn't mean you'll be posing in front of a camera and drop down on one knee. You can have a photographer be there on the down low. if you're proposing at a scenic location, you can arrange for a photographer to be there, looking like they're photographing the landscape but in fact they're documenting the moment they said YES! Or you can book a couple shoot and whilst you're having fun being snapped, you can slip in your proposal. Either way, having these memories to look back on would be beautiful! If this is something you'd like to do, feel free to get in touch with me HERE.

I hope my tips have helped you, but overall, it's about you two! Propose the way you want to propose, not how you think you should. You know you're partner better than anyone else, so don't be pressured in doing it in a way that isn't you two.

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