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I was at Calke Abbey open day! YAY!

I'm a Birmingham wedding photographer with a fun candid wedding photography style!

Hey world!

On this cold, winter morning I am on my 3 cup of tea (it's only 10:37am) and so excited to tell you about a fabulous open day I was so lucky to be part of this month!

The Riding School at Calke Abbey has been on my dream list for a while! Many moons ago, at college, we were set a project with Calke Abbey and this was the beginning of my love for this place! The grounds, The house, The barn.... it's all GORGEOUS!!!! Everyone who knows me knows my love for exposed brick and concrete floor... Homer Simpson face drool moment!

Honeysuckle & Castle are an award winning team of wedding coordinators. Their style is creative, contemporary and absolutely stunning! When it was confirmed I'd be joining the team at the Calke Abbey open day, I was so happy I totally 80's movie fist punched the air... wish I was Breakfast Club cool with it though!

Days before the open day I decided to set myself a little up cycling project with some wooden ladders, I'm forever finding new projects for my space and I'm finally happy with how it represents me and my brand... YAY FINALLY!

When I arrived, the space looked amazing! The team did such a great job dressing the space in a contemporary, boho meets barn wedding styling. The styling suited the creative, artistic couple who appreciate the finer details too.

There was a small selection of creative wedding suppliers and they were all amazing! Everyone got on like a house on fire, there was no competition or tension, we all popped over to each others space to have a little natter when we had a time. I love meeting new suppliers and building a network of people in this industry. I believe we should all work together, be kind to one another, offer friendly support and build a positive environment. There's no need to be competitive or judgmental, that's really not me!

I met some awesome couples! Wedding fairs and open days can seem daunting to couples. I know a lot of people anticipate it to feel like they've been thrown in the lions nest, being pounced upon by wedding suppliers and feeling pressure. We're not all like this! I will have a friendly/ cheesy smile on my face, I will say hello and if you like my space and how I showcase my work, you can stop and have a chat with me. I can guarantee we will start talking about your wedding plans and usually leads to talking about your pets/ holidays/ cocktails/ funny stories... all sorts! I hope that couples feel relaxed and walk away thinking, 'yeah she's fun, her photography was awesome, I can imagine Steph pottering around our wedding day, doing her photography THANG and having a laugh with our guests! Yeah, lets have a cuppa/ gin with her and see if we're right for each other!'

If you're looking for an amazing barn venue with the potential to create your dream styling check out The Riding School at Calke Abbey! Set in amazing grounds, with so many hidden dreamy spots for your photographs.

I was asked to capture some moments of the open day and I was so excited to do this. Being able to snap this gorgeous venue, filled with lovely people, was a pleasure! So here's the end of my waffling and heres some images I captured of the day.

If you like what you see and would like to chat about your wedding, click HERE and lets meet up for a cuppa!

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