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Finding your wedding photographer

I'm Steph a Birmingham wedding photographer.

Hey world,

Wedding fair season has begun! I love this time of year, I get to meet loads of awesome, happy couples! Whats not to love about that?!? Most of you will be prepared, organised and raring to find all the amazing wedding suppliers you need to make your day epic! Some of you will find this search overwhelming, thats understandable, you have a lot to do and find. This blog will help you focus on finding your photographer and hopefully get you excited to find the one!

Tip 1.

Find out what style of photography you love!

This is definitely where you should begin. We all love a search engine!

Search for wedding photographers in your area. Remember you're not finding your photographer now, you're finding the style you love. When you like someones work, make note of their website. Once you have a list of around 10 photographers, go back to their sites and find out how they describe they're style. Usually these styles will be:

Natural wedding photography

Documentary wedding photography

Creative wedding photography

Whimsical wedding photography

Moody wedding photography


I class myself as a fun, relaxed and candid wedding photography style (throw a spanner in the works there).

Once you've identified their styles, you will have found what you love!

After this go through their websites, find out about them, see their portfolio then request to meet them. Yes meet the photographer!

Alternatively you can find out if they're doing any wedding fairs, if so this is a great way to see how they showcase their work and speak to them too!

Tip 2.

Find wedding fairs that match your style!

Don't be scared of a wedding fair. When they're done right, they're awesome! When they're done wrong, they can be awful and uninspiring and this puts a lot of people off going to them. Do your research. Find fairs at venues/ towns/ cities you love and match your style. Make sure you have a list of who you want to meet on that day and talk to them. Yes go and talk to them! If you feel they're pushy and you dont connect, dont book them. You won't know until you've spoken to them.

I am booked on some awesome fairs that have a great mix of contemporary suppliers for the creative couples. To find out what wedding fairs I will be showcasing my work with, go to my facebook page HERE.

Another option are Open days. These are a lot more relaxed, with only a select few wedding suppliers and usually focus more on showcasing the venue. If you have venues in mind, check out their open days to get a tour and make sure you talk to the suppliers here too, always keep an open mind to meeting the perfect suppliers for your wedding!

Tip 3.

Meet up with the photographers you like!

What's that... meet them??? YES!

Couples can find this awkward and would rather do everything over email. DON'T!

Always meet up with your photographer before you book them. A lot of photographers, including me, will ask you to meet up before you book with them. When booking your photographer, you need to love their style, trust them as a professional and most of all like them!

Your wedding photographer is the person you will probably spend the most time with on your wedding day. They are there every step of the day, capturing you all excited getting ready in the morning, capturing that first kiss, those tears over speeches and you all dancing the night away. You have to like this person! If you don't like your wedding photographer, you will see it in your photographs. You won't feel relaxed or be yourself around them, as a photographer this sends shivers down my spine thinking about it!

So meet up, have a coffee/ glass of gin with them. Find out about them, tell them about you, have a look at more of their work. If you've been with them chatting and having a laugh with them for hours and it feels like it's been minutes, you've found your photographer.

Your photographer should feel like another friend at your wedding, who just so happens to have cameras strapped to them!

Tip 4.

Don't be afraid to ask them anything

Photographers love meeting couples who have questions. This shows you've done a little research, you know what you want and we can help create the perfect package for you.

It can be hard to think of what to ask a photographer, so heres some to help start you off.

*Find out how long they've been a photographer and wedding photographer. (Don't be put off if this is only a few years, they might rock it).

*How many weddings they've photographed (again don't be put off if this isn't a huge number, you can always ask how they manage they're photography on the day)

*Ask about the package you like (how many hours on the day; how will you get the images; do you have copyright etc.)

* Find out their backup plan if they cannot photograph your wedding. (will they send another photographer; Will you be refunded? etc.)

Find out if you connect with that person. Make sure you trust them as a professional photographer, but also know that you have stuff in common and would want to meet up again for a coffee as a friend. Feeling relaxed and comfortable with them is key!

Tip 5.

How much do I spend on my wedding photography?

Everyone has an amount they want to stick to when it comes to paying for their wedding. When I get married, I most certainly will as I believe everyone can have the best day no matter how much you're spending.

Your wedding photography is the one element I wouldn't focus on doing on the cheap. I know, you're probably thinking 'Steph, you would say that, you're a photographer'. Yes I am, but I know how important these photographs are to you now; on your first anniversary; when your children are here and for future generations. Your wedding photography is an investment!

I spend weeks working with every couple who books me. This includes email communication; meeting for coffees and a catch up; scouting the venue; communicating with your venue coordinator; time on your engagement shoot; time editing your engagement shoot; preparing all equipment for your wedding day; wedding day coverage; many many hours editing your wedding gallery; creating your online gallery and creating your wedding USB box... and breath! When a photographer is offering all this for £50 and a plate of buffet, I'd be scared! I'm not saying expect to remortgage your house, but I wouldn't focus on the cost and more on finding the perfect photographer and the investment for your future! Nail this and you won't regret your decision.

I hope this blog has helped prepare you to find your wedding photographer! If you feel you'd like to chat more with me about your wedding photography, please check out my site HERE and get in touch on the Contact Steph Page!

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