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Choosing where to have your engagement shoot

Hey, I'm Steph, a little wedding photographer in Birmingham.

Hey world,

Wedding season is well and truly here and I'm bloomin' loving it! Today's blog is hopefully going to help you plan your engagement shoot. Take note... I said hopefully!

Are you struggling finding the perfect place for your engagement shoot?

Your engagement shoot helps tell the story of you two!

Your wedding day is the perfect version of you and your relationship. Let your engagement shoot be the fun, gritty version! I love it when my couples throw so much of their personality into their wedding day, so do the same for your engagement shoot!

Your engagement shoot should be fun and relaxed, remember this shoot is also to get to know your wedding photographer and feel comfortable with them. I have such a relaxed wedding photography style, I love it when my couples decide to go to places that they love! You can show your wedding your fave spots, whether it's your fave cafe, pub, place to go for a walk.

I've done all sorts for my couples engagement shoot. I love wondered around Digbeth in Birmingham with Corinna & Dave, photographing against the industrial buildings and graffiti. We even met some graffiti artists who sprayed a little piece for the happy couple!

I've wondered down Ben & Bethan's favourite canal for their morning runs. We explored hidden spots that lead off their usual run track and boy did we have a laugh!

I've been to the gorgeous Severn Valley Railway in Bridgnorth with Helen & Jake, where they love to walk the dog to and have a cheeky pint!

Places like these really do capture your personality and tell the story of you! This will be perfect for those of you who have chosen a photographer who is a right laugh and has a relaxed wedding photography style... LIKE ME! haha They will be able to capture you naturally, remember this shoot is about what you love to do and where you love to go. If you have a favourite pub in the city, then have a city engagement shoot! If you love to go for walks in the gorgeous Peak District, have a countryside engagement shoot. The choice is yours!

Why not have a practise at your wedding venue!

Trying to choose the perfect place for your engagement shoot can be tricky. Not everyone has jaw dropping landscapes on their door step that's perfect for romantic walks. Not everyone has a favourite bar in a hip urban city. Some couples love to stay in, curled up in front of the tv with a take away... not your typical engagement shoot scenario! Although now, I totally want to photograph this!!!

How do you choose the perfect place for your engagement shoot? I bet you're thinking, Jeez this is like choosing my wedding venue all over again! So why not have it at your wedding venue?

There are so many perks of having your shoot at your wedding venue.

It's a great way for you and your wedding photographer to scout the venue. Your wedding photographer should always try and scout the venue before the wedding day. This will help to see the lighting conditions, meet the co ordinator, know the route to your venue and find places that will work for your wedding photos. In some cases, this isn't possible for your wedding photographer, but if you plan your engagement shoot there, your photographer may be able to do this!

Your wedding photographer will be able to find spots that will work on your wedding day. This will help create a nice flow to your photos, instead of feeling like you're being dragged all over. Personally, I like to keep your couple shots simple and flowing. I don't like to drag you away too far from your guests (unless you tell me before the day that you want some time just you two and want to explore then im totally up for this) so walking around and seeing what works on your engagement shoot really helps me plan the flow for your wedding day.

Wedding planning is stressful, so being able to got o your wedding venue and have a fun shoot with your wedding photographer will help break up the planning and spark the excitement of your wedding day finally approaching.

Claire & Dan planned their engagement shoot at their wedding venue, Dovecliff Hall in Derbyshire. I love this venue, this will be my third wedding there and I can honestly say, I have new ideas for each wedding! We found so many gorgeous spots, I can't wait for their wedding the end off July.

Don't want to leave your house, then don't!

Are you a couple whose favourite thing to do together is to sit in front of the TV with some yummy snacks and binge watch Netflix? So why not capture this cosy side of your relationship?

I really love the idea of capturing one of my couples in their home! Start of with a cuppa in your kitchen, then curl up on the sofa, maybe a little bit of play fighting... How cute would this be?!? Also, if you have pets, especially cats, this is a great way of creating a little family shoot with your fur babies!

If you're wanting a couple shoot in your home then get in touch! I totally want to do this and would like to offer a special little package for you!

If you are still looking for your wedding photographer who has a relaxed wedding photography style, then send me a message and let's have a coffee. Being a wedding photographer in Birmingham means I can cover pretty much anywhere easily (the only perk of living near Birmingham's famous spaghetti junction) and I love a few ours of singing badly to my awesome 80's playlist!

Click below to get to see my packages and let's have a chat!

Show me what you do Steph!

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