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Helen & Jake at Severn Valley Railway, Bridgnorth

Hey world! I'm Steph, a little wedding photographer living in Birmingham.

I had a bloody good time hanging out with Helen, Jake and their pooch Roxy, for their engagement shoot!

Helen & Jake chose to have their engagement shoot at Severn Valley Railway Station in Bridgnorth. This is a spot they love to wonder down to, have a drink and chill with their gorgeous pooch, Roxy! Helen's dad loves to visit the station too, so having that family connection really meant the world to them. We even got a photo with his favourite train in the background!

We could not have chosen a better day to meet up. The sun was shining, meaning we had time to have a catch up outside before the shoot. This was the first time I met Jake and we all got on so well. Of course, a lot of our chat was about Roxy, their beautiful boxer doggy!

Severn Valley Railway in Bridgnorth is such a gorgeous destination for an engagement shoot! I always ask my couples to choose a place that means something to them, this place definitely ticked those boxes. Having a family connection to this place really meant a lot to Helen.

Let's talk about Roxy. How gorgeous is she?!? I love it when couples bring their pooches to their engagement shoot. Boy do I have a softy spot for boxers! They have so much personality, she really did try and steal the spot light (she did on some occasions). Bringing your dog along to your engagement will also help you feel more comfortable in front of the camera as you will have a natural distraction and not be focusing on me.

Your engagement shoot with me is a chance for us to get to know one another better and for you to get used to my cameras.You'll see how I work with my relaxed wedding photography approach. You're going to be full of nerves on your wedding day, so eliminating the "oh god I'll be having my photographs taken all day" nerves will make it so much easier for you.

I make sure we have a laugh on your engagement shoot ! We will potter around; I'll get into some questionable positions to get awesome photos; I'll make you do your best David Attenborough impressions too (this is purely for me, I find it hilarious). So be warned, we will be silly and you will be laughing!

Have I mentioned how much I love Bridgnorth too??? Nope. Ok.

Well I love Bridgnorth! This place is becoming a home from home for me!

As a wedding photographer living in Birmingham, I only have to travel an hour and I can get to so many bloody gorgeous places, Bridgnorth is definitely one of them! If you're in the Shropshire area, definitely check out Bridgnorth and the Severn Valley Railway!

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