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Unplug your wedding ceremony... Trust me, you'll thank me later!

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Hey world!

How's everyone doing???

What a crazy summer we're having! I am SOOOOO busy with back to back wedding weekends and am bloomin' loving it!!! All my couples have been superstars! Especially when dealing with this weather! One day it's a scorcher, then nest it's torrential rain! (yeah, totally embracing my 'moan about the weather' Brit).

Tonights blog is the never ending debate... should you ban phones during your ceremony?


Ok, hear me out!

Here's some bullet points against phones during the ceremony.

* There's always one person who forgets to put it on mute. Nowadays, peoples phones are usually on silent, so they don't set an awesome ring tone that would get the crowds laughing during your ceremony. No. It'll be an annoying bell that'll piss you right off and want to tell that silly person to leave your life completely!

* I hate how addicted I am to my phone. I hate how addicted Andrew is to his phone. I hate everyones addiction to their phones! Yeah you might be messaging a friend, but you're not engaging in life around you! So if you're anything like me, imagine seeing your loved ones watching your wedding through their phone! Great. You can't see how happy everyone is; get that reassuring smile from your best friend... now you'll see a stupid unicorn phone case!

* What is everyone going to do with the photos/ videos they've taken? Your not going to have nice framed prints of Aunt Sue's blurry phone pic! People are going to post them on Facebook... yeah... fab! Your guests will end up taking a load of photos, their phone memory will become full and they'll end up keeping the ones with them in it for their vanity.

*What if I was to say that your guests having their phones out have ruined tens of photos you would have had, but your photographer has had to delete it because you can't see the face behind the phone??? I know I have deleted shots because of this! You are spending a lot of money to have a professional photographer there to capture your day... so let them do it!

* You have paid a lot of money on your wedding day and let's face it, it's mainly so that your loved ones have an epic day with you! So make sure they're engaging in every moment of the day with you. You want to see your beautiful friends and family, not ugly phones! Trust me, you'll definitely see more fun wedding photography from your wedding day if you do it!

I shall provide a none biased argument, so here's for.


Nope can't think of any.

If you feel the need to let your guests photograph you, say they can turn them back on during your registration. Everyone loves the tigers in the zoo photo! haha

Let people know in their invitations or have a sign at your ceremony telling people to switch the buggers off and let your photographer capture their ugly mugs... I mean beautiful faces!

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