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Hey world!

Today's blog is all about me, your fun little Birmingham wedding photographer! What a treat for you lot aye! mwahahaha

I always tell couples how important it is to like your wedding photographer. I actually believe this is the most important thing! Your wedding photographer should be someone you can imagine inviting to your wedding, someone you'd want to hang out with. Even if your wedding photographer is the dogs bollocks when it comes to their wedding photography, if you find them teeth clenching annoying, your photos are going to suffer! Hopefully this blog gives you a little insight into me and my quirky ways!

Let's kick this off, I'm a beer drinker, well, craft beer drinker. I love a good craft pub, with decent dirty grub! I do love a cocktail too, but the best place for these is at my house! I make a mean espresso martini or daiquiri! I do love a good rave, granted the last time I went was a year ago! I love afternoon drinking, so you can go home, have a proper dinner and be hangover free, the joys of getting old! From this you can tell I love a good ole drink with friends and a party. I love couples whose wedding day is all about having the best day ever with all the family and friends. My fun wedding photography style is perfect for couples who are ready to party!

Food, damn I love food! Holidays have gone from being all inclusive hotels, to a B&B surrounded by restaurants and bars serving bloody good grub! You can't beat some amazing street food. Birmingham's Digbeth Dining Club is one of my fave places to hang out with friends and eat some amazing food! I feel I jel most with couples who also are massive foodies! street food at weddings is the best. No formal sitting down at your assigned seat, big social tables where you go grab your food and have a good natter with all the old and new faces!

I can't write this blog with out mentioning my dickheads. I am cat momma to three furry boys. Henry is our eldest, he's the grumpy 17 year king of this house. Honestly, we are so soppy with him, he gets priority of the best spot in our bed every night... yep, we're that soppy! Then we have Chester and Gustave who are both 2 next month. We adopted these rascals when they were 8 months old. We got these boys to keep Henry company after his brother George passed away. What we thought was mourning his brother turned out to be a huge infection in his mouth causing him to have all his teeth removed the weekend we brought the boys home! Most of my couples are animal lovers. We will end up talking about our pets more than your wedding... well, equal to! but seriously, pets at weddings... YASSSS!!!

I suppose I should tell you about Andrew too. We have been together 8 years this year, jeez! We rarely argue, honestly, we don't argue! We have grumps, but that usually means one of us need feeding! Andrew is a good'en! He endures some awful Top of the pops episodes to see me happy. He brings me a cuppa every morning. He can be such a silly sausage and this makes me laugh every day! I love couples who can have a giggle and not be too serious.

I love everything 80's! The music; the movies; the fashion; the hair... I LOVE IT!!! I have a couple of 80's tattoos, totally want to cover may right leg in more! 80's Top of The Pops is AMAZING! Can't beat a Friday night of 80's Top of The Pops, espresso martinis and pizza! I love couples who also have quirky passions, especially when this is incorporated into their wedding! I love photographing wedding details that scream my couple! Remember, it's your wedding have it your way!

Finally, I bloody love what I do! Being a wedding photographer doesn't feel like a job, I hate calling it my job because I am so passionate about it! 12 years ago I decided to go back to college, study photography at uni, work in a studio and finally go it alone! I have bloody loved every minute. I love meeting all my couples and be part of such a big part of their lives! I love seeing you all have the best days ever... and your guests party so hard I dread their hangovers! I love helping you every step of the way, especially if you're planning the ultimate DIY wedding!

Let's finish off with some random shizzle!

* 2015 Eurovision is the best year EVER! You can't argue this, I am right! haha

* 5 year old Steph was in the local paper for being snapped with a celebrity... cat! I got photographed with the legend that is Arthur... from Arthur cat food!

* I have to have 5 gulps of a drink, don't know why, OCD much?

* My left foot is one size different to my right, yep, I'm a weirdo!

* I am amazing at guessing 80's songs in seconds of them playing. Fancy a game?

* I grew up obsessed with wrestling! For some reason, always fancied the ones with long hair! Triple H was my ultimate!

* I have seen Nickelback 3 times and I have no shame!

* My cats get more kisses from me than Andrew does!

* I have cried at Ninja Warrior! I think I get overwhelmed at build ups haha

So if you're looking for relaxed and fun wedding photography and think this Birmingham wedding photographer weird enough for you, then get in touch. You will get to see my secret brochure and have a video chat to see if I'm the gal for you! LETS CHAT STEPH

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