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Hey world! How you doing?

Tonights blog is quite fitting in summing up 2020! Booze! This blog is a bit of fun and will hopefully help you plan the most awesome, boozy wedding! Anyone who knows me knows I love a drink, not in the 'Steph, do you need to go to AA meetings?' way, just that I love a bloody good craft beer; wine or cocktail. So to me, booze would be a huge decision for my wedding. So from the weddings I've been a guest at and that I have photographed, I have put together some tips to help you.

So let's get this party started!

Awesome shoot I did at Castleview Farm & Stables

Booze & carbs are best friends!

The most important tip you can take from this blog! I have become that person who makes sure everyone has eaten well before or whilst we're out, yes I'm grandma Steph. It is sooooo important for your guests stamina! No one wants a bridesmaid dancing on her own, with tears in her eyes, singing Beyonce 'All the single ladies' at 3pm because she's knocked back 3 bottles of bubbly on an empty stomach! I went to a wedding that had the most amazing focaccia, olives and oil, simple but a great booze soaker. So make sure you have nibbles, especially carbs at those moments where everyone will be smashing the bevvies!

One of my fave weddings at the awesome Northern Monk Refectory

Fuck the favours, have a pint!

Weddings aren't cheap for everyone. You have spent so much on creating the best day of your lives! Most guests will have spent a fair penny too! 99% of us get a new outfit for a wedding, throw in the cost of a hotel; travel; gifts and then money for drinks. Couples spend so much on favours, don't get me wrong, some favours are awesome, most are tat that'll get thrown away. So why not surprise your guest with a cheeky tipple waiting for them as they sit down, or leave a drink at the bar.

Super fun shoot I did at Birdies Bar & BBQ

The couples signature cocktails

I saw this on Pinterest and bloody love it! So there's a couple of things I've seen that are fab! First, both of you create your cocktail that everyone can order at the bar. It can be a classic cocktail, an espresso martini or an old fashioned and you give it your own name. Or you can sex them up a bit and get your bartender to create a bespoke version, so it could be an espresso martini with a dark chocolate twist. This is so fun and imagine every anniversary making your wedding cocktails! Second idea is that you have a menu of what drinks your guests can buy you! GENIUS! You won't need to tell your guests what you want to drink, they just go to the bar and order of your list! BOOM, MIKE DROP!

Images not mine, used from Pinterest

Think outside the champagne flute

I know it's tradition to have a glass of bubbly to toast too, but how fun would it be seeing your gran shotting a tequila! You don't have to follow traditions if it's not you. If you like beer, get your guests to down a third! Make it fun, but also make sure your guests have eaten!

Awesome shoot at Ponden Mill

Bring a night out to your wedding

Think about what you and your friends love to drink on a night out. Do you go down the pub? then make sure you have awesome ales. Do you like going for cocktails? make sure yo've got those espresso martinis! I have been to a few weddings where I have been so disappointed with the bar, but know that couple love a bloody good cocktail! There's nothing worse than rocking up to a bar and all they have a carling and wine labelled Red or White wine! To me the bar is one of the things you remember from a wedding, so make sure you have a selection of drinks you know everyone will love. This is something to consider when choosing your venue, so maybe this should have been first. . . oh well!

Finally. . . The hangover!

No not the awful (yet shamefully funny) film. Wedding hangovers suck! All hangovers suck, but wedding hangovers are the the worst.

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