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Carry on planning!

Updated: Apr 30

Hey world, it's Stephanie Butt, your Bad ass Birmingham wedding photographer! I am here to capture all the love and fun of your wedding day in my relaxed wedding photography style.

Today's blog is going to help you keep motivated with your wedding planning. I will be talking about the importance in carrying on with your wedding plans. I know you might be thinking, Steph, you're crazy, but trust me, it'll be worth it!

Damn, they're booked!

So many wedding suppliers are doing everything they can to look after their 2020 couples. This means so many 2021 dates are booking up to accommodate these couples.

I am not trying to put pressure on any couples who are planning their 2021 weddings, I am encouraging you to be proactive and talk to your dream suppliers before they're booked up. I have seen so many suppliers have to close their 2021 books to look after their postponed couples.

If you have been following wedding suppliers, waiting to get in touch, send them a message or an email. Have a conversation, get to know them and see if they're perfect for you, before they're booked up. If you're not in a position to be booking suppliers due to finances, talk to your supplier about spreading out costs, most of us understand and will help accommodate this for you.

If you are stalking this fun, little Birmingham wedding photographer, it's not too early to get in touch and arrange a video chat to see if I'm the gal for you!

Hold onto the positives.

What's more exciting than planning your wedding? Seriously, is there anything?

The timing could not be more perfect to be getting excited about your wedding plans. At this time, we need to be keep holding onto to any positives we have going on.

Planning your wedding in lockdown gives you a positive focus and something to look forward to. Get your loved ones involved to! Get them to help you with ideas and research and plan group video chats over a glass of wine. Even if you're at the very beginning of your planning, use this time to research the perfect venue or create a variety of Pinterest mood boards to narrow down the style you want for your day.

Remember, this will all be over one day and you will be getting married, so keep hold of this excitement!

I love hearing about your wedding plans, especially over a cuppa and a video chat.

Use this time to get creative.

Whose ever said "I don't have the time to do that" ?

Well now you have the time, so take this opportunity to get creative. I love nothing more than seeing some DIY at your wedding! Whether you've up cycled some charity shop vases; created bunting; make your thank favours... use this time to create something personal to you!

Pinterest is the best place to get inspiration! Create a wedding decor mood board, pin everything you like, then pick out element you think you could make yourself. Once you've found the things you could do yourself, find some tutorials on it and get practising!

If you need help with any ideas, give me a shout! I am a walking Pinterest and love helping you create amazing touches to your wedding day! Fancy making pom pom confetti like below? I made these!!! Get in touch and I'll happily send you my pom pom confetti method.

Supporting small businesses

As you are aware, the wedding industry has been hit hard. Not only has it been hit hard, so many small businesses are not getting help from the government. Your exciting wedding planning is helping small businesses, like myself, be able to carry on and help make your wedding the BEST DAY EVER! How amazing is that! Not only will you have booked the perfect suppliers for your wedding, you are helping their business keep running!

I will be doing everything I can to make sure my business will still be running so I can help capture all your amazing weddings! Every couple who books me, will help this carry on and make sure they're getting some bad ass, fun wedding photography!


Are you a bad ass couple breaking traditions, having their wedding their way?

Are you looking for fun and relaxed wedding photography?

Are you wanting a photographer who feels more like a friend at your wedding?

Then get in touch and lets have a cuppa/ beer/ wine (or all three) over a video chat and see if I'm the wedding photographer for you! Pets are welcome to that chat too... actually, you have to bring them! haha




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