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How to DIY your wedding.

Updated: Jun 12

Hey crazy world. It's time for this little Birmingham wedding photographer to get you all excited about your wedding planning.

Many couples out there are having to postpone their weddings to next year. This sucks, yes it really does, but remember why you're doing this. You're wanting to make sure all your loved ones are safe, so they can party with you on your wedding day. So please don't see it as a negative, you're doing the right thing!

A lot of couples have time on their hands. You've gutted and cleaned your home for the 1278th time. You've made your body weight of banana bread. You've sweated your tits off to Joe Wicks. You've changed the wall colour of every room... now what do you do?!? YOU DIY YOUR WEDDING OF COURSE!

I want to start off by saying I am not telling you to not hire professionals to make your wedding look and be amazing! I love seeing the talented professionals in this industry and I bloody love photographing their amazing work. If you don't have the time, or feel you can't get the perfect finish, then definitely hire someone to help make your day 'the dogs bollocks'! (always wanted to include that saying in a blog haha)

Are you struggling to think of what aspects of your wedding you can DIY? Well get a cuppa and get ready to be inspired [Steph does jazz hands]

The key is to start with a small project. Theres so many elements of your wedding you can DIY, don't go straight in with a huge, key part of your day. You don't have to tackle big projects, you can just do a small part of something. So here's some ideas to help kickstart your DIY wedding ideas

Table Styling.

Are you bored of seeing the giant martini glass filled with gel balls and floating candles? The diamanté vomit all over the table? Me too!

Your table decor should be reminding your guests of you! Depending on the size of your wedding, remember when your guests sit down to eat, you're not with them. So having a bit of you on the table will be a talking point for your guests. Here are some ideas that really work... and don't scream tacky DIY!

Beer/ Spirit/ Wine bottles - Do you love a gin? Do you love beer? Do you love a glass of wine? pfft why am I asking, we all love them. So why not keep the fancy bottles and use them as table decor? They can become gorgeous vases for your flowers, or simply arranged with fabrics and other trinkets that will just scream you and look gorgeous! If you're going to put fairy lights in them, make sure you buy the fairy lights with a bottle cork for the battery pack! Having a battery pack hanging out will just look naff!

images from Pinterest

Beer Cans - This is a new idea I've seen and I BLOODY LOVE IT! A little inspiration from a creative bride I know, beer cans make for amazing up cycling projects. Whether it be a candle, a plant pot, a cutlery holder. You name it, they look amazing! Brewery's have upped their game when it comes to branding, my fave being LHG who also sell prints of their artwork! Imagine how fun your wedding photographs will look?!?

Images from Pinterest

Pom Poms - If you know me, you know I bloody love pom poms. Actually, I'm obsessed! These beautiful balls of colour make me one happy wedding photographer! You're probably going to see me suggest pom poms under every category of DIY! So you're probably thinking, how can I make pom poms work on a table without just chucking them all over the place... well have a look at these beauts!

Images from Pinterest.

Seating Plans!

Personally, I love the idea of long social tables and everyone just sit where they want, even the bride and groom! But, I know this isn't for everyone, so here are some bloody cool ideas for you to create your own seating plan!

Grab a drink! - I love this idea! If you want to give your guests a little treat they'll love, what's better than a bevvy? You could get a local brewery to create some special wedding beers for you. How amazing would this be?!?

Shots are so much fun too, especially for your photographer! imagine all those tequila faces that will be photographed!

Images from Pinterest.

Upcycled doors & windows - Before you head off to the tip, see if you have any wedding projects! Or even look around the free to collect pages on Facebook! If you have a rustic, eclectic taste, old windows and doors are perfect for you! You can find some amazing calligraphy guides, check out the amazing guide by Handmade Design Company. Then you have everything you need to create a gorgeous table plan!

images from Pinterest

Photos - Sometimes it's great for you to have a giggle... at your guests expense! So why not dig through your old photos, find some embarrassing shots of all your guests and create your seating plan! This is a great way for your guests to all talk about the fun memories they have had with you!

images from Pinterest

Fabric - Are you bored of seeing the silver mirror table plan? Are you wanting something more contemporary? You will love this! These fabric table plans paired with a copper frame can make a stunning touch to your wedding! Using your new calligraphy skills I mentioned in the windows & doors section, these pieces can become a feature for your big day, not just a table plan plonked in a corner or next to a door. Imagine creating your wedding memory box and this beautiful fabric protecting your treasures!

images from Pinterest

Wedding Favours!

I'm not going to lie, this is the first thing I suggest couples drop if they're trying to save money. I have had many a useless favour from weddings and have always thought, what a waste of money! So here are some ideas on thoughtful gifts for your guests and you could even save some money!

Botanical - Who doesn't love a plant? honestly, I love seeing my instagram filled with peoples houseplants and colourful gardens. Why not bring this to your wedding? If you're getting married next year, you have plenty of time to even grow some of your own little plants/ herbs/ veg to give out as gifts! Your guests will love the care you put into these gifts! I still have an amazing lavender plant from a friends wedding 3 years ago! Another great idea is a succulent! Not only will your guests love you for these, but your wedding tables will look amazing!

images from Pinterest

Homemade sauce/ preservatives - You know that feeling you get when you eat your homemade dinner or cake? Well imagine after your wedding, hearing from all your guests about how much they love your wedding jam, or hot sauce! One of the things I love about DIY is the feeling you have when you know you've made this with your own hands. You really do put care and love into it, so doing this for your wedding favours is something I encourage. There's so many easy and delicious recipes to create some amazing and unique sauces and preservatives!

images from Pinterest

A drink on your wedding day! - A wedding favour doesn't have to be something your guests take away, why not surprise them on the day! I love a good cocktail, especially at a wedding. Your guests will be thanking you all evening long for an amazing cocktail! If your not a cocktail fan, a locally brewed ale, a local gin to drink on the day or to take away and raise a glass to you at home!

images from pinterest

Make your own photo booth!

You can get some amazing photo booths now. I've seen some amazing ones is taxi's, an airstream, vintage scandi style photo booths. But sometimes, your budget can't stretch to hiring one or you want to get creative and make one yourself! Fear not people, there's so many amazing and easy designs for you to make yourselves!

Copper Frame - I have made so many copper frames for my wedding shows and they're so easy to make... and cheap! Grab yourself some copper pipe, copper soldering elbows, a pipe cutter and super glue and you're done! Copper pipe frames are so versatile! You can use it as you table plan during the day, then change it up to a photo booth backdrop in the evening! whether you drape a fabric, attach flowers or create some amazing textures out of paper, this will make an amazing backdrop!

images from pinterest

Reclaimed wood - The tones and texture of reclaimed timber makes my heart flutter! I love seeing the old, battered woods in your wedding decor! Especially if your going for an outdoor wedding or industrial against exposed bricks! So grab any pallets you see, scroll through the free to collect pages and find some beautiful battered wood for your photo booth backdrop! These are all so easy to put together on the the day, just pack your drill and screws in your overnight bag!

images from pinterest

Hanging Frames - Does your venue have beautiful outdoor space? Or amazing brick walls? Then use them! You don't need to cover up the beauty that's already there, frame it! That's right, hanging or floated frames make super fun photo booths! You can hunt in charity shops, ask your family and friends to save any old frames for you and scour the collect pages! If you're going for a colour scheme, you can spray or paint your frames to match!

images from pinterest

Rainbow crepe paper/ fabric - ONE OF MY FAVES! Also, one of the cheapest! Want to add a punch of colour in your wedding, then this is the backdrop for you! Super easy to make with a backdrop frame, hanging off a rope or on mesh you can attach onto a wall!

images from pinterest

Pom poms - YASSSS!!! A pom pom back drop will be the absolute dream! The colours, the fun, this will look perfect for a festival wedding, an outdoor tipi wedding or in an industrial wedding venue. Having a colourful backdrop will make such fun photo booth photos as well as add some fun to your wedding decor!

images from pinterest

I could carry on giving you all my DIY wedding ideas, but that would mean this blog would never end. So hopefully this has given you some inspiration to use this time wisely and add some amazing DIY projects to your wedding!

If you're looking for fun wedding photography, then get in touch with this little Birmingham wedding photographer! My super relaxed & fun wedding photography style is perfect for all you DIY couples out there!

Get in touch by clicking below and let's chat about your amazing wedding plans!


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