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How to support a wedding photographer on Instagram

Updated: 4 days ago

Hey world!

It's Steph again, your little fun Birmingham wedding photographer. Today I'm going to give some tips on how you can help support your wedding suppliers.

Hey folks! How you doing?

Today's blog will hopefully help you help others in this crazy world we live in!

Your wedding suppliers are already so grateful for you choosing them to help create your dream wedding. I know I am so thankful for my couples sticking with me during all this craziness!

I and many other wedding businesses are having to adapt for our income. 95% of my 2020 couples have moved their wedding to 2021. I have supported all my couples every step of the way because I want to do my best to help them have the best wedding EVER! They bloody deserve it!

So here's some tips on how you can help support your amazing wedding suppliers.

How 1 minute on instagram will bring the biggest smile to your wedding photographer!

Instagram is a huge platform for us to promote our awesome work. As a little Birmingham wedding photographer, this is a huge part of my business. Many of my awesome couples found me on Instagram! Which is bloody amazing!

There's no face to face events for couples to find their wedding suppliers like wedding fairs or open days. We have to find new ways for couples to find us. This is where we need your help on Instagram.

I bet you're thinking, what the f*** is she going to ask me to do?

It's simple and will take you one minute! Literally, one minute!!!

LIKE your suppliers post. A simple thing to do to help boost your suppliers presence on Instagram. Instagram rewards accounts whose posts are liked, it's a bit of a popularity contest.

COMMENT on your suppliers post. Instagram loves to see posts that get people to engage. Commenting on your suppliers post is something you'll be loved for! Try and make your comment genuine and over 4 words, so you don't look like spam.

SHARE your suppliers post. Another thing Instagram loves to see is a share. Share your suppliers post on your stories, you don't have to write anything, just share it to your stories and help new couple see their awesome work.

SAVE your suppliers post. This is a newer feature, but saving is a new gem to Instagram. This is a great idea, it's like creating a Pinterest board. Doing this won't affect your instagram, these posts get saved in a separate area for you.

Thats it. Honestly, these four little actions will help boost your wedding suppliers presence on Instagram. Your help to boost their Instagram presence will mean more couples will get to see their awesome work, meaning more bookings and this will result in your wedding supplier being able to carry on running their business. Such small actions will mean the world to us!

I want to thank all my couples in supporting my little wedding photography business. I cannot wish for more awesome couples to work with and knowing I have your amazing weddings coming up is keeping me going!

So if you would like to see more of what I do, click HERE to see my portfolio.

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