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Love is not cancelled!

Hey world! I'm Steph, a little wedding photographer from Birmingham. On my Birmingham wedding photography site you'll see plenty of relaxed and fun wedding photography. My relaxed wedding photography is for bad ass couples, breaking traditions and having their wedding their way!

Today's blog is all about one of my amazing couples, Christian and Zoe.

Like many couples this year, Christian and Zoe had to postpone their Lichfield wedding due to the pandemic. This sucks, it really does, but Christian and Zoe have tackled this with such positivity, despite the upset of everything.

I wanted to make sure Christian and Zoe had some beautiful memories of their original wedding day. So what better way to do this than have their pre wedding photo shoot.

We decided to wonder the abandoned streets of Digbeth. Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love Digbeth. Being a little Birmingham wedding photographer, I feel so proud of Digbeth, it's the pride of Birmingham! Using the amazing Digbeth graffiti and empty industrial streets was the perfect setting for their super fun pre wedding shoot.

I brought along my trademark rainbow confetti (bloody love the stuff) for some of the most epic confetti shots EVER! I love the contrast against the black shutters!

Christian and Zoe danced in the empty streets, I was a bit mean and should have played a bit of music for them haha

They brought their sass, to 'Sissy that walk' (Ru Paul reference, if you haven't watched drag race... WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!?).

One of the most beautiful moments was when the heavens opened and we dashed under one of Digbeth's gorgeous railway arches. Christian and Zoe just naturally cuddles, I think it was for warmth, but these created some of the most stunning photos!

To all couples out there, be a Christian and Zoe. Embrace what's happening and be positive about what your wedding is going to be. So enough of me waffling, take a look at this couples amazing Digbeth engagement shoot!

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